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The following software is provided as a convenience to our customers.  No guarantee is made to its suitability for a particular purpose.  The commercial/shareware software on this site is provided here merely to enhance distribution; no rights are claimed.  If you own any of this software and wish it to be removed from this site please email me and I will immediately do so.


About Time This is a handy little utility from one of the few generous people left in the world.  It sets your computer clock so that it stays accurate. Visit his site; its worth the click.

AnalogX  This is a whole site full of nifty stuff.  All free! 

Some of my favorites include:

Pow!  Get rid of those nasty popups.
Drive Time.  Do I have room on my audio drive for one more song?  In minutes not megabytes!
SayIt  Don't get enough love at home? Need your computer to talk to you?
ACMconverter Convert MP3's to wave and vice versa.  I use Sound Forge or Nero for this but if you don't have those, here is another way.
Sample Slide  Get DirectX audio back in sync!

FTP clients: FTP client software is what you use to connect to an FTP server.  Although windows includes an FTP client it is nonintuitive and difficult to use.  Either of the following two programs work much better.  

WsFTP_LE This software comes in both a pro as well as a light version.  The pro version is highly recommended and can be downloaded directly from Ipswitch.

Cute FTP another excellent FTP client.

FTP server:  Windows 2000 & XP Pro include a useable FTP server (the other end of the client server relationship). 

Unzippers: Most software on the internet is available in a compressed format.  A common compression format used for PCs is "ZIP".  WinZip and FreeZip are two tools to help you uncompress these files.  Although "NetZip" is easily available for this task; I don't recommend it.

IrfanView also known as Iview32 is a highly useful tool for image conversion and simple image processing.  Best of all its free.


The following patches are provided for the convenience of registered users only:

None at this time

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Aminet sites for Amiga software:


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