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The Lively Computer is a full service computer store for the video professional.  Customers who buy all or most of their software and hardware from us can expect significant telephone and email support free of charge.  This includes configuration, installation, networking, calibration and diagnosis of problems for both the initial installation as well as reinstallation.

On site support at your business location in the San Diego area is available from $50.00 to $75.00 per hour plus mileage (2 hour minimum).  On site support outside the San Diego area is also available.  Costs will include transportation and lodging costs as appropriate.

Please note:

As a general rule I no longer repair Amiga systems.  This is not due to a change in attitude, the Amiga was still the best computer ever made.  However the reality is the march of time is catching up with the dwindling supply of functioning parts.  For diehards I would recommend "Amiga Forever" on a PC.  It actually works quite well.

Support for non established customers is also available via credit card. Telephone support is charged at the rate of $50.00 per incident, but may include up to  4 calls regarding the same or a related problem from the same individual during the same week.  Charges will be waived if we are unable to provide significant assistance.  E-mail assistance is charged at the rate of $15.00 per issue responded to.  E.G. an email asking "How do I format a new flyer drive?" and "How do I perform an audio cross fade in speed razor?"  would be charged as $30.00.  An email asking how do I  install and stripe two new 18 gig SCSI drives on my Adaptec 2940u2w controller would cost $15.00.  Please include not only your credit card number and expiration date but also billing address with all credit card orders.

support phone: 1-619-440-3711

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Bottom Line: Don't be a non customer!!!

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